To My Daughter

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                                                                             Chasity Jenkins

Dear Chasity,

Many times, along my way, you never forgot what I meant to you.  You allowed me to be who I am and accepted all of my faults. The little things meant a lot, like when I bought you 100 Grand Candy Bars, or when we recited one of our favorite movies, "Hollywood Shuffle". You let me show you how to swing a baseball bat, and most of all, when I couldn't afford to buy my son a pair of shoes, you bought them with your first job. You remembered what I said to you when you were nine years old, when I told you,  "There are no steps on any children in my life", and you had enough patience to even teach me how to text. 

You introduced me as your father.

Thank you for being in my life.

You are always in my heart.

I will never forget you.

I will love you forever.